Love Majka

lovemajkaMajka is a new mama's trusted lactation and postpartum support. We offer the highest quality, safe, effective supplements to enrich and increase milk supply and overall well being. Majka empowers postpartum mothers to feel their best and better enjoy early motherhood. Founded by two mamas, who struggled to find lactation support that didn't compromise their own health.

We believe mothers are more than just ounces and when they feel good, they better enjoy early motherhood and breastfeeding. That's why Majka not only uses highly researched galactagogues to increase milk supply, but offers organic nutrition and bio-available postnatal vitamins that will enrich the breastmilk and strengthen the mother's energy, hormone balance, and overall health which in turn allow her to feel good about breastfeeding. Our proprietary Majka Lactation Blend is found in all of our products with ingredients that have been used and trusted for thousands of years to increase and maintain milk supply.

We are always Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, and Refined Sugar-Free. Majka is quality obsessed and results driven. Join the many doctors and lactation consultants helping new moms feel their best, nourish their bodies, and thrive postpartum!

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