GOLD Speakers


Kimberly Bepler, IBCLC, CPD, CNPE, CLE

  • Speaker Type: 2020 Main Presentations
  • Country: U.S.A.

Kimberly Bepler has been serving families professionally since 2001, and teaching expectant couples and new doulas since 2004. She began first as a postpartum doula, and soon after found a passion to educate so she added breastfeeding and new parent education at her local medical system teaching at 3 different hospitals. She started Pathway 3 back in 2006, and became an IBCLC in 2011. She owns ABC Doula & Newborn Care, a postpartum doula agency in Portland, OR that has served over 2000 families and employs 20 doulas and educators. She is also the mother of 2 almost grown children (a frequently humbling experience) and her family resides in Phoenix near her snowbird parents. Kimberly has taught and served thousands of expectant and new parents, including over 700 families with twins. Building on her experience teaching for 17 years within two hospital systems, she now trains for the New Parent Educator program for those seeking to teach new parent classes in a hospital, community, or private setting. She is the Senior Advisor to the CAPPA Lactation Educator program, and is focused on providing fun and interactive education, not just with great information, but also providing judgement-free classes empowering new parents with skills and confidence. You can find out more about everything she teaches at