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Technical Support

GOLD Birth & Beyond Online Conference is available for individuals of any level of computer knowledge, from the first timer to the tech savy. An easy & fun conference flow allows individuals to seamlessly view live & recorded presentations, track their attendance and generate their attendance certificate. If you do experience ANY issue, fear not, we're here to help! If you are experiencing issues with the website, registration or viewing the presentations, please first review the suggestions below. If you continue to have problems do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff. We are standing by to assist you.

  1. GOLD Technical staff will provide online technical support for delegates during the Conference through various forms of communication including email, phone & online chat.

  2. **IMPORTANT** Take the 20 second Technology Test now to check your Computer's capabilities. Click Here.

  3. Open our Virtual Meeting Test Room - Click Here. If you are able to see the confirmation slide once entering the room, you're all set! If you are viewing via mobile device, please review our mobile viewer instructions below prior to attempting to view the meeting test room.

  4. Delegates are strongly advised to ensure that their computer and software configuration meet the following specifications:
    • Adobe Flash Player 13.0 or higher. You can download this for free at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.
    • Minimum Internet connection speed: At least 56.6kbps + is recommended.
    • Speakers or a headset.
    • Apple / MAC Users - Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9 Supported - Please note if you have OS X 10.5 or lower, you will be required to upgrade your operating system or use a different computer.
    • Latest version of Adobe Reader (for Handouts) - Click Here.
  5. Lower Internet connection speeds will affect the quality of your live conference experience.You may need to limit the use of certain devices that are using the internet while watching the presentations (Skype, Netflix, Other connected devices).

  6. Browsers - If you are experiencing an issue accessing the website with a certain browser, please upgrade your browser or try using Mozilla Firefox. To find out your version of your browser, please visit Whatismybrowser.com.

Mobile Viewers

We are excited to announce Mobile Device access to our LIVE and Recorded presentations! Please review the instructions below that pertain to your device. Recordings will require Adobe FLASH installed on your Android Device. (Flash not supported on iPad/iPhone)

Live Presentations - Please download the FREE Adobe Connect Application. The App will automatically open when you view presentations through the Live Presentation Lobby.

Recorded Presentation & Add-on Lectures - - All mobile device users can access presentations directly through the presentation recordings page. *Please note the Adobe Connect application is not required to watch recordings*

Issues When Watching a Presentation?

Sometimes unstable internet connections can lead to viewing interruptions. Unstable connections are caused by the following:

  • Poor WIFI Signal
  • Low Bandwidth Availability - Other devices in the household using the internet
  • Low Resources available on your computer

Please do all the following steps. If you still are experiencing issues, please contact us for further technical support

  1. Unplug the power to your WIFI Router / Modem for 30 seconds and then plug the power back in
  2. Ensure other devices in the household are not using a lot of internet resources - ex. Netflix, Downloading, Streaming.
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Access the presentation again and enjoy!