GOLD Birth & Beyond Conference News

GOLD Birth & Beyond 2020 Online Conference brings you top international speakers and their high-quality presentations on leading topics in perinatal and postpartum health! Our Closing Keynote with Darcia Narvaez, PhD is a free public event to help us wrap up the live days at this year’s conference.

Join us live on October 26 by reserving your free seat here:

Dr. Narvaez has a broad professional background which includes research, advisory board experience, and a wide variety of published written work. Her current research explores how early life events influence wellbeing and moral character in children and adults. 

During “The Postpartum Nest: Helping Parents Lay the Foundation for Their Child's Lifelong Health”, Dr. Narvaez will share the most current information on the ways early childhood experiences have a lifelong epigenetic impact. She’ll explore what the early developmental system or nest looks like for humans, and she’ll share information on how modern child-rearing practices are vastly different from that of our ancestors. This webinar offers an opportunity to learn how factors such as touch, breastfeeding, positive social supports, and responsivity shape the early years. Come join us to gain valuable insights and tools that will help you to empower parents to incorporate these components into their infant’s care!

This presentation will be given live two times and will also be available as a recording until November 20. To learn more and to reserve your FREE seat click here: 

Join us for the full GOLD Birth & Beyond 2020 Online Conference from October 5 to December 30 to learn the latest in key topics in perinatal and postpartum care! Watch live presentations, access recordings to learn at your own pace, and access up to 12.5 hours of accredited education from expert speakers in the main conference alone. Find all the details here:

We look forward to seeing you online for this highly-anticipated webinar!